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Chicago Personal TrainingHatim Style Chicago personal training is beyond your average fitness workout. Coach Said Hatim focuses on breaking into the next level of personal fitness and fight preparation with revolutionary methods that will push you beyond limits you never thought you could physically achieve, thus helping you surpass your competition whether you are an aspiring fighter or professional level competitor looking to sharpen your technique at the highest level. From Muay Thai, American kick boxing, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu; Said Hatim has international competition and training credentials surpassing any that you will find in Chicago bar none. Training in Morocco with the National Team to the United States with Oscar Bravo, Said’s striking is on another level surpassing any Muay Thai trainer in Chicago you will find. Being a champion striker, his knowledge of the entire martial arts spec doesn’t stop there with time spent at the famed Renzo Gracie Brazillian Jiu Jitsu academy in NY & Jacksons mixed martial arts in NM, Said is well traveled amongst some of the biggest gyms in the county giving merit to his trademark statement “your work out is my warm up.” He now currently trains with Dino Costeas and Team Mota in Chicago, IL. Contact us today for you Chicago personal training needs.

Hatim Style Chicago Personal Training

Muay Thai Training in Chicago

Muay Thai training in Chicago

Said training former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski

When it comes to Muay Thai training in Chicago, Said Hatim leads the pack in fight experience as well as training fighters at the very top level of competition. Muay Thai training in Chicago is limited to very few schools, most of which are outside city limits. Training students such as IFL & UFC Veteran Mark Miller and UFC & Strikeforce veteran Andrei Arlovski, to name a few, Hatim Style has proven to take Muay Thai striking to a level beyond anything you will find at your average Chicago Muay Thai training facility. Said Hatim specifically focuses on private Muay Thai training in Chicago for individuals and groups looking to excel through 1 on 1 personal instruction that you can not receive from large group classes. From self defense for law enforcement & women to professional fighters & beginning students, private Muay Thai instruction can be confidence building as well as an amazing 1000 calorie burning work out that is a lot more entertaining then hour long sessions on a cardio machine. With Hatim Style, Muay Thai training in Chicago never feels repetitive as Said’s training techniques are always new and innovative to bring you the most benefit to your training time spent. If your interested in private Muay Thai training in Chicago for individuals or small groups at all levels, give Hatim Style personal training a try by booking a personal Muay Thai lesson today! Said was the 2002, 2003, 2004 IKF State Champ and 2007 US IKF International Champ.

Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training

Hatim Style Jiu Jitsu

If your looking for private Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training for competition or self-defense Said Hatim, a purple belt under the famed Dino Costeas, is outstanding with passing on his immense skill through understandable teaching methods. To say Said is passionate about teaching is an understatement as within minutes of his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction his love for teaching is demonstrated through techniques that can be applied to all skill levels. When Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction is being sought the most valuable asset is instruction that can be taught in a way that it is understandable, so it can be remembered and used, this is exactly what you can expect when training under Said’s Hatim Style system. Said’s private Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be used for not only BJJ competition but for MMA as well, as Said easily adapts his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu style to fit any type of competition you may be looking to quickly excel in with personal Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training instruction. If you are looking to expand your ground game with personal instruction, gi or no gi try Hatim Style Chicago Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training by scheduling an appointment.

MMA Training in Chicago

MMA Training in Chicago

Said training with Miguel Torres

Are you a professional or amatur level MMA fighter looking vastly improve your game with private MMA training in Chicago? Look no further then Said Hatim for all of your stand up, take downs on & off the cage, take down defense, ground & pound techniques and most importantly MMA fight conditioning. With the national and international fight experience Said brings to the table you are sure to learn something new and valuable every time you step onto the mat. His seamless transitions from stand up to ground with tricky set up and submissions that are locked on before your competition even knows it are priceless in the MMA fight game as everyone now is always evolving so quickly. Its no surprise after rolling with Said that he has attained his purple belt faster then most ever will. If your looking to excel is the sport of MMA with Private MMA training in Chicago give Hatim Style a try even if your only looking to sharpen one area of your game. Many high level fighters in the big shows seek out advice from Said for his amazing striking and out of this world conditioning regimens. Contact us today for all of your Private MMA training in Chicago needs.

Chicago Self Defense Classes

Chicago Self Defense

Chicago Self Defense Classes

Chicago self defense classes can be a tough service to find. Typically you will find a lot of “Jack of all trades” master of none type self defense instruction that will leave you with a bunch of techniques you may forget or not feel comfortable using in a real life situation. Hatim Style Chicago self defense classes are taught with the intent that you actually may have to use the techniques one day. Said teaches self defense in a way that the actions feel natural and flow even when you are in a bad situation. Standing 5′ 6” tall and weighing 145lbs coach Said Hatim knows all too well about using techniques to engage larger people and come out on top. This is very evident if you are lucky enough to catch him sparring with larger pro fighters or grappling with larger training partners of equal or higher belt levels. For the best private Chicago self defense classes you will not find a more involved and passionate instructor then Coach Said. His passion for martial arts can be felt just in him showing a technique or explaining a move. If your looking for the best to ensure the safety of yourself and your family contact us today for the best Chicago self defense classes available in the city. See our testimonials page to see what some of Chicago’s top martial artists have to say about Said Hatim.


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